Culvert 2 and 12A

S-278 (Culvert 2): Remove the existing six-barrel, 10-foot diameter, corrugated metal pipe structure with five flap gates and one slide gate at the outlet and replace it with three 10-foot diameter reinforced concrete culverts approximately 172-feet long, equipped with slide/flap combination gates on the lakeside which open automatically based on landside stage levels. A steel sheetpile cofferdam will be installed on both the landside and lakeside of the culvert for dewatering. A cutoff wall will be installed in the centerline of the embankment at the structure, and the embankment reconstructed to match the existing crest elevation of the dike. A control building will be located on the lakeside of the water control structure. The three-barrel design will not adversely impact authorized flood control nor permitted water supply allocations.